About the Online Curriculum

Water4Otter is a water conservation program developed by the North Texas Municipal Water District to teach youth about their water source and the importance of saving water.

Student Goal

To earn a Water4Otter ambassador certificate, which can be printed by teachers or parents after students complete all three lessons.

Grade Level

1st - 3rd grade, but also appropriate for 4th and 5th grades.

Length and prep

3 lessons, each 12-16 minutes each (includes activity time, within lesson). Each lesson is a combination of short videos, including brief analog activities. Students only need paper and a writing utensil to get started.

Appropriate for Online and In-class

The online curriculum can be student-led with teacher or parent support, but can be used in any online learning format (synchronous or asynchronous). It can also be used in-person, led by a teacher.

Check for Understanding Options (after each lesson)
  • Coloring Sheets

      - Student-led (PDF, printer required)

  • Online Quiz

      - Student-led (Google Form link)

  • Teacher Slides

      - Teacher-led, can be customized (Google Slides, PowerPoint)

  • Water4Otter Ambassador Certificate

      - After Lesson 3, need to be printed by parent or teacher (PDF)

Curriculum Goals:

  • Increase the number of household conversations about water and water conservation.

  • Educate students about their water source (Lavon Lake) and how water is shared by local wildlife, including otters, bobcats, and red foxes.

  • Define drought, watershed, and wastewater.

  • Teach students how to spot wasteful watering practices at home.

TEKS Alignment

The lesson above is aligned with the following TEKS, adopted 2017:

  • Kindergarten, Science 112.11

    - B, 1,

    - B, 4, A

  • First Grade, Science 112.13

    - B, 1,

    - B, 4, A

    - B, 7,

  • Second Grade, Science 112.13

    - B, 1,

  • Third Grade, Science 112.14

    - B, 9, A&C

  • Fourth Grade, Science, 112.14

    - B, 1,

    - B, 3,

  • Fifth Grade, Science, 112.14

    - B, 1,

    - B, 9, A